Casino Bonuses 2019


The biggest distinguishing factor of online casinos are the various bonuses and promotions that they offer. It is also one of the most confusing aspects of online casinos. Hereby an explanation about different online casino bonuses.

Online casinos often offer free play credit after your deposit. Receiving this free play credit is also referred to as a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, reload bonus or cashback bonus. When you visit one of our selected online casinos via this website, Dutch Slots, you can take advantage of the various attractive promotions and bonuses. And since there are various bonuses in the world of online casinos, we are happy to provide you with some information and explanation on this page. The money is literally here for the taking!

Welcome bonus

Many online casinos give you a warm welcome when you register with them on the site. They do this in the form of a welcome bonus, either in free play money or in Free Spins, possibly a combination of these or other attractive bonus. That as many players as possible sign up at an online casino is of great importance to them, a lot of money is invested in this. The fact that online casinos do this only makes it more attractive for you as a player.

As the word suggests, we are talking about a welcome bonus, so this is a one-time bonus. Your first paid amount is often increased by a certain percentage. Read more..

Deposit Bonus

The word deposit bonus actually says it all: a bonus that you receive when you make a deposit. Within the online casinos there is a lot of scattering and competition. Just as with welcome bonuses, there are also certain percentages for your deposit amount in this case. These deposit bonuses are usually recurring promotions that apply to everyone.

Reload Bonus

In addition to the welcome bonus, various online casinos also have a reload bonus. Reload literally means in Dutch: reloading / reloading. This means that if someone has used a welcome bonus for a deposit, then they will receive even more bonus percentages for a deposit. How often that is still possible and what percentages are used depends on the casino in question. But the percentages are usually descending, which makes sense. For example: 2nd deposit 75%, 3rd deposit 50%, 4th deposit 25%.

Cashback Bonus

A ‘cashback bonus’ is becoming extremely popular with online casinos and online casino players right now. The word ‘cashback’ naturally means ‘money back’ and that is exactly what it means. It is a certain percentage that you will receive back if you have lost your money within a certain period. It is a kind of insurance, which sounds very noble to us. Cashback bonuses are also presented in various ways by online casinos.

First, you can expect temporary bonus offers. This means that a deposit must be made at a specific period. In this way the online casino can offer you a cashback arrangement that is only valid on a specific day.

Secondly, it can also happen that an online casino offers you the option of an ongoing cashback bonus. In other words, you can assume that a percentage of your losses will be refunded to your player account. However, keep in mind that almost all online casinos have different conditions. At certain online casinos you have to use the entire amount in your account if you want to use the bonus amount.

Finally, we are talking about earning VIP bonus points. Certain online casinos use a loyalty program that gives you the opportunity to save VIP points. The idea is that the more money you bet, the more points you can collect. These bonus points can then be exchanged for money, or for other types of bonuses, which depends entirely on the online casino. Attention! All bonuses are literally worth money!

Casino bonus

After extensive searching for the best online casinos that offer the above bonuses, we have put together a top 10 that will help you find your ideal casino bonus! Each option contains an assessment and a link to use it immediately.

Keep in mind that it is not the intention to register at a new casino every time purely because you will receive a welcome bonus. You must try to stick to one casino that you like best. Most casinos naturally offer other bonuses if it appears that you are a frequent player on their site. Hence it is not always smart and certainly not beneficial to change from online casino every time for a welcome bonus only. 

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