Live Roulette Casino 2023

Live online roulette is one of the most popular and most frequently played online live games due to the low-threshold nature. A game that cannot be missed in a live casino. In an Online Casino you can play roulette under the guidance of charming live dealers. This means that you will be personally assisted 24/7. Very pleasant and familiar. This allows all attention to the game and the live experience is complete.

Live Roulette – Favorite

Live Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the Netherlands. What makes Live roulette so popular is that it contains an additional game element that normally does not have online roulette. In the normal roulette game via a computer program, you play against the computer and there is no real communication, while this is the case with live roulette. The live croupiers in the live casino are fun people with whom you can chat via a chat screen.

This gives a new dimension to the classic casino game, because it comes closer to the experience in a physical casino. The game with the live croupiers is not just roulette, but also an opportunity to have a nice chat with a charming lady or gentleman.

Plenty of Live Roulette Promotion

Through various cameras with which the Live casino works you have a good view of both the live croupier and the roulette table. You sit on top of all the action and experience the game in ‘real time’. The bullet is followed with different cameras so that you can experience the roulette game from all angles.

If you are familiar with the basic rules of roulette , you know that you first place a bet on a number or color, on red or black and on even or odd numbers. As soon as all participants at the specific roulette table have placed a bet, the live croupier spins the roulette wheel and throws it in. The number on which the bullet lands is the winning number and depending on your bet you win.

Game developers who offer live roulette

To be honest, developers say that people mainly think of video slots, and that makes sense in itself. The first thing game developers wanted to do was to give physical slot machines an online face. It came in the form of video slots. We are now a few steps further and that means that the atmosphere from the physical casino must also have an online counterpart. Via live games it is there, and therefore live roulette should not be missed. The producers that impress with live games are:

  • Evolution Gaming: without a doubt, Evolution Gaming is  the king in the field of live games. Whether that is a somewhat daring statement? No. That this producer has been elected live casino supplier of the year 9 years in a row says everything.
  • Extreme Live Gaming: developer Extreme Live Gaming may have a limited range of live tables, but the quality of these games makes up for a lot. Pay particular attention to how professional the croupiers are.
  • NetEnt Live: the live casino software from NetEnt also deserves the necessary attention. Especially the HD elements from this software make a big impression.

Dutch-speaking croupiers

Live casinos are intended to approach the ambiance of physical casinos. Live croupiers play a major role in this. Because they lead the game, they have a huge influence on the final game experience. Precisely for that reason there were Dutch-speaking croupiers for some time. Because how nice is it not to be helped by a croupier who just speaks nice Dutch to you? So it is not surprising that Dutch croupiers were so loved by Dutch players. Indeed, were.

Because, unfortunately, the lack of the new gambling law would ensure that all non-regulated online casinos were banned from explicitly targeting Dutch players. Dutch-speaking croupiers were therefore banned, as were other references to our country (such as the red-white-blue flag or the excessive use of orange). Whether Dutch-speaking croupiers are banned from the live casino forever? Not quite. Because there is a good chance that they will return to the casino when the new law comes. We can’t wait. Because being helped by a Dutch croupier feels so nice and familiar. And that feeling is exactly what the live casino strives for.

Play Live Roulette

To play Live Roulette you must first create an account at one of the many online casinos. We have listed the  best online casinos with Live Roulette for you. Creating an account is free and fast. Once you are logged in at the Online Casino you can choose a Live Roulette Table. There are different tables with different bet levels.

You can watch for free during the Live Roulette. Do you want to bet and play for real money? Then make a deposit through reliable deposit options   and enjoy the real game. There are also other Live Casino Games such as Live Blackjack or Live Baccarat.

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